My first digital camera was the 2.1 megapixel Canon Ixus V compact, bought on 08 Feb 2002 for the princely sum of £369.99.  Since then I've used it to capture around 5000 images, many of which you can find on my Flickr photostream.  It's been a good little compact, but the technology is showing its age now and I've been wanting to get a proper camera for a while.

After about eighteen months of procrastination, I've finally given in to temptation and bought myself a digital SLR, namely the Canon EOS400D.  The difference is amazing, like a step-up from a Ford Focus to a Boeing 747, and there's an awful lot to learn.  My main observation so far is how useful it is to be able to shoot in RAW rather than having the camera convert the picture to a JPEG - at the moment I'm very liable to incorrectly expose the shot, so being able to adjust this after the event is a real life-saver.

Thanks to John for gifting me his old 18-55mm kit lens, which has helped me get started on my SLR journey... which begins with a shot of the place my journey of married life began:

All Saints, Pavement