My Vista Dreams Are Over (for now..)

Alas, less than two weeks after I attempted to move lock, stock and barrel, over to Vista, I have been forced to repave my machine with XP Pro.

The OS itself was working well, stable enough for home computing purposes, and I really liked the glass interface and tightly integrated desktop search capabilities. But the sticking point was the current lack of support from other hardware and software manufacturers - which will hopefully be rectified by the RTM release.

I managed to get Daemon Tools working, I successfully installed all of my hardware (although I could only get my Creative Audigy 2 ZS soundcard to produce sound from the main two of my 7.1 speaker setup, and it was a bit crackly). I even made use of the free eTrust AntiVirus (as my copy of Norton AV wouldn't work on Vista). None of these problems were insurmountable, but the deal breaker was my inability to get CheckPoint SecureClient working - which I need in order to work from home.

So, faced with a choice between battling along the M62 to the office every day or reverting to XP for another few months... well, it's not exactly a difficult decision.
I'll go back to playing with the Vista Beta on a Virtual PC for now.