My nGallery Is Up!

Wooh, I just stumbled across nGallery a couple of days ago.  What took me so long?!  My own gallery is now set up at - it needs a bit of tidying up, though.  With nGallery it's almost too easy to publish photos, so there's a lot of dross on there - I'll go through and delete some of the crap soon.  Also, the default nGallery style doesn't exactly match the .Text skin I'm currently using (Mark Wagner's "Cogitation Blue") so maybe I'll take some time over the weekend to make my own nGallery skin.

Incidentally, my initial install of nGallery 1.6.1 was running really slowly and hogging memory - and a SQL Profiler trace showed thousands of pointless db queries.  Following a bit of searching, I found this discussion thread wherein Henk Meulekamp details a few simple changes to the code that can dramatically improve performance and reduce database calls. My site is now running much quicker :-)

[Update - 2005-06-10: My nGallery is no more.  Time moves on, and my photos are now on Flickr instead.]

[Update - 2020-01-27: My Flickr account is also no more. Some of my photos will gradually appear on this site, or on Instagram. Most of them probably won't.