Well, there are only two days left in 2005, and, shamefully, I haven't made it up a single Munro this year.  I've never exactly been a prolific bagger, but as this graph shows, at least I've made the effort to get into the hills in most years since I was first dragged kicking and screaming up a 3000 footer in April 1998.

Let's enumerate the possible reasons for my lack of hill activity in recent years:

  • My Munro-bagging friends have (almost) all settled down with wives, mortgages and children - hence quick weekends up in Scotland are no longer so feasible as they were in our initial post-university years.
  • As have I - and our wedding in 2005 sapped much of my time, energy and cash!
  • My mate Bruce, previously a prime organiser of bagging trips, has compleated the Munros and buggered off to live in Melbourne.
  • The drive up to Scotland at weekends is less than appealing after commuting 100 miles a day during the week.  But having said that, I had an even longer commute back in 1998/9, so...
  • ...maybe I'm just getting old and lazy.

Therefore, in an effort to shame myself into action during 2006, and to remind myself that there are a whopping 194 Munros that I still have to do, I've published my personal Munro log online.