Congratulations to John on having his excellent Background Switcher application mentioned on Digg.com over the weekend (John's desk is opposite mine in the office, so no prizes for guess what I've been hearing about all day... ;-)
For those of you using this at work, be warned that even the most innocent of Flickr tags can have unexpected results, as our colleague Colin found out when he closed down a PowerPoint presentation he was making to some senior directors, only to be presented with a photograph of some muddy underpants on a hillside...!

Oh, and whilst I'm namechecking my mates, I should mention that Jez has done the decent thing and set up a Feedburner feed to combine his Flickr photos, del.icio.us feed, and newly-started blog.  Jez has a lifestyle that is the envy of many, working as ICT manager for the Five Islands School on the Isles of Scilly - no M62 tailbacks for him these days!  Looking forward to reading the blog posts...