More Consumer Craziness

Jocelyn keeps getting text messages from her mobile phone provider along the lines of "We have reviewed your usage, compared it to our available plans, and come to the conclusion that you are on the most appropriate plan for you. Don't change."  Great, thanks for that.

On a similar vein, I got a letter from my bank today (in an envelope emblazoned with "Important Information Enclosed", which is always a sure-fire indicator of pointless content) telling me that they plan to make changes to my credit card account in the near future, and will write to my again in a couple of weeks with actual details of these mysterious changes. "In the meantime there's nothing you need to do, so please carry on as usual." Great, thanks for that, too. Most useful.

And now I've wasted a little bit of your precious time by blogging about this nonsense!  Well, if I have to suffer... :-)

Oh, here's another quick one - I was on the phone to my car insurance provider yesterday, and the call centre operative kindly warned me that I was "paying for their free breakdown cover" - er, come again?