Little Things That Annoy Me #4

Little Things That Annoy Me #4

Childless people who blatantly park in the parent and child spaces:

I see no baby

Ooh, it makes me mad. This convertible was lucky that our Ben didn't need to "go", as I was sorely tempted to leave them one of his nappies as a present!

Perhaps if you don't have kids you don't realise what a huge benefit these spaces are to parents, enabling them to extract their little darlings from car seats without accidentally knocking the door into the car in the next space. Being closer to the store is nice (reducing the risk of the kids getting mowed down en route) but of less benefit to be honest - and in the case captured on camera above, there were plenty of normal spaces closer to the entrance, so I really don't know what this guy was thinking. Most likely he wasn't thinking at all.

Oh, and to those parents who continue parking in the P&C spaces by virtue of having a fourteen year-old kid in the car - c'mon, give me a break!