Little Things That Annoy Me #3

Windows Mobile 6.1's incessant "wireless network detected" notifications.

This is the summer of 2008. Half the homes in my village, and every business in Leeds has at least one wireless network, they're no longer the novelty that they once were. Tell that to my Pocket PC, which insists of notifying me every time it spots one, no matter how many times I select "Dismiss" or "Don't Show Me This Again". The resulting effect is akin to walking through town with a toddler who feels the need to cry out every time he/she sees a bus!  Try as I might, I can't find any option to turn off these notifications entirely.

The really annoying thing is that these notifications have a tendency to mask the other, more useful, things that Windows Mobile can notify you about. My Pocket PC and I have just had a touch-screen dialogue that went something like this:

PC: "Hey, look!  A wireless network!"

Me: "I don't care."

PC: "Over there! It's another wireless network!"

Me: "I don't care."

PC: "w00t! It's another wireless network! Oh boy!"

Me: "Shut up about wireless networks already!"

PC: "Oh, by the way, your accountant phoned earlier. And you're missing a meeting. And you forgot to submit your VAT return."

Me: "Gah! Why didn't you tell me this sooner!?"

PC: "Hey, look! A wireless network!  And this one is secured!"

[ sound of phone hitting desk... ]