Lifetime Piling Up

Bugger, I've spilled Jack Daniel's all over my favourite mouse mat, one of those spongy comfortable ones.  So now I've had to resort to using a freebie mat featuring a spotted Rhino to advertise Zineryt acne treatment!  It just doesn't feel the same.  I'm not happy.

I wasn't in the mood for work today.  One of my colleagues asked me "Are you bored today or something?" to which I simply replied "Yeah."  In fact I didn't get much achieved, which is annoying since I'm suddenly quite busy juggling work for a couple of partitions.  Much of the day was spent thinking about the Scotland trip; I even took a call about it on my mobile when I was in a bit of a meeting, which in retrospect was a bit unprofessional.  But I was in an unprofessional mood.  Anyway, it's over for a few days now.

Got a postcard from Melanie in South Africa - sounds like she's having loads of fun.  Sky diving, abseiling, bungee jumping...  I often think about travelling, but for now I'll stay in Blighty - at least until I have sufficient gadgets to pick up email whilst abroad!  OK, that's not true at all, I'd love to head abroad and leave my mundane day2day life behind for a while.  Maybe next year.

A success - Rich likes a compilation tape I concocted for him a few weeks ago.  I named it "Lifetime Piling Up", after the Talking Heads song, but with a subtitle of "Parties and Hangovers" - reason being, the 'A' side is full of bouncy tunes I knew he'd love, whereas the 'B' side is slower, and in a more obscure indie stylee.  But he says it's growing on him, which is good to know.