Ugh, I forgot how utterly confusing jetlag can be, especially when travelling eastwards!  I felt OK this morning whilst driving to work, but realised something might be amiss when on arrival at the office I tried to put my sandwiches in the dishwasher instead of the fridge....  It all kinda went downhill from there, not my most productive day ever as I struggled to remember what exactly it is that I do for a living.  Still, the inbox is just about cleared and hopefully tomorrow I'll be back to my usual self.

I have a plethora of notes from our travels which should be turning into blog posts in the coming weeks, and even more photographs to post on Flickr - like this panorama from Red Rock Canyon in Nevada.  Now you don't get scenery like that in Scotland...

Red Rock Canyon

Oh, while I think on - if you haven't checked out Google Calendar yet, give it a whirl right away!  I've been hankering after this since last summer, and I'm pleased with the first public release.  Lovely intuitive Ajax interface, shared calendars, searchable public calendars (I've just added the World Cup schedule to my list of calendars), integration with Gmail, and daily agenda emails at 0500.  Fantastic :-)