Joining Avanade

OK, here's the news I alluded to yesterday - I'm joining Avanade. After much deliberation, I've handed in my notice at Marshalls and swallowed the orange pill.

It's been a difficult decision to make because I've really enjoyed my time at Marshalls and had fun working with a nice bunch of folks. But time moves on, as does technology, and I decided that the best way for me to keep up and realise my career goals was to work for a specialist Microsoft consultancy - where better than Avanade, who are partially owned by MS?  By all accounts it's a great place to work - I can't wait.

Oh, here's something I meant to mention - you know sometimes how you accept a job offer and your new company mails you an A4 bound "staff manual" with a lot of dry information about working hours, timesheet protocols and the like?  Not Avanade - they've sent me a 2.5 hour CD-ROM of genuinely useful and interesting presentations to help get up to speed on the corporate culture, history, and processes - very cool. I daren't play it right to the end in case it initiates a self-destruct sequence ;-)

- for those who've asked, my last day at Marshalls is to be Friday 16th September, and I start at Avanade the following Monday, 19th September.