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John's Background Switcher

What’s on your desktop background?  Some bland corporate logo perhaps, or maybe one of the bog-standard Windows wallpapers, or maybe a photograph you took years ago?
Let’s face it, when was the last time you changed your background?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could specify a few keywords and have your background periodically change to show a new image courtesy of Flickr?  Say, a sunrise, a mountain, a wintry scene, a favourite holiday destination, or, well, whatever takes your fancy?

This is exactly what John’s Background Switcher (version 2.0!) does, and it’s available for free right now.  I’ve had the pleasure of beta-testing this over the past few weeks, and it really does work!  I used to claim that I needed two screens for the productivity benefits, but now I find myself devoting one of them to cheering my day with regularly changing pictures courtesy of JBS.  Perhaps this is a good time to try recycling one of our old laptops as a digital photo frame…?

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