Jocelyn Has a Fiancee Visa!

Well, the wedding is now most definitely on!  As reported over on our wedding site, Jocelyn got her fiancee visa from the British Consulate in LA last week.  This is such a relief.  I knew there was no reason why they should have denied her a visa, but that didn't stop me panicking all day and worrying about what if...?  But hey, nothing to worry about now.  Six months more of hectic planning and then it's a lifetime of happiness and companionship on the cards.  I can't wait :-)

[Update] - Incidentally, for anyone else like Jocelyn who has been lured by a dashing chap with a British accent and the prospect of living on an island where year-round rain is practically guaranteed: You could could do worse than have a read of Lisa Nelson's (no relation) excellent web page on this subject of moving from the US to the UK - we have found it to be very useful indeed.  Thanks Lisa!