The Old Forge, Inverie

A postcard arrived this week from Jez who's been visiting Inverie, at the edge of Knoydart.  I'm so jealous!  Inverie has been on my tick-list of remote places to visit for ages.  The Old Forge is Britain's most remote mainland pub, and it's particularly impressive that Jez made it up there given that he's more usually found frequenting The Turk's Head, Britain's most South-Westerly pub, way down on the Scilly Isles.

I did reach Ardnamurchan Lighthouse once, but that was less of an achievement and there were no pubs around.  *sigh*  I really fancy a big wander around Knoydart, but my holiday allowance for the year is pretty much used up, so I guess I'll have to make do with a forthcoming weekend in Glen Shiel with Brucey et al (though if my recent track record is anything to go by, I suspect there'll be more drinking than walking going on... :-)