Is Sylvia There?

Long 450 miles drive home.  We stopped off in Inverness for some lunch, and it really impressed me (the city, I mean, not the sandwich - although that was OK too).  It seemed to be a cute, modern little town, with all the mod-cons.  Just a shame it's so bloody far away...

Finally reached home at about 10pm, and began to wade through the junk mail, junk e-mail, and (somewhat bizarrely), junk ansafone messages.  Let the wonders of RealAudio show you what I mean...

Message 1 - "We're having a great time..."

Message 2 - "Sorry about that..."

Message 3 - "Is Sylvia there?"

Message 4 - "Hi Syl, it's Peter..."

If, by any chance, you know who Peter (or Sylvia) are, please tell them to stop phoning me...!