Is SMS Killing The Postcard?

Just got a text message from Jez:

"Am eating pain au chocaulat and sipping coffee outside the notre dame cathedral.  Visiting Louvre next.  Jez."

I seem to get lots of postcard-stylee SMS messages these days, and it really is quite neat to keep in touch in this way - cheaper, easier and quicker (the message actually arrives back in the UK before the holidaymaker!)  I suppose the downside is that I have no way of knowing that Jez really is in Paris - he could be sitting in his lounge watching Eastenders for all I know, although I have no reason to suspect that he might be pulling my leg in this way.  Oh, and the other downside is that I don't get to see a nice picture of Notre Dame, but frankly I can get twenty in under a second by typing so that's no great loss.  It's not as if I would have been surprised on receipt of a real postcard ("oh, so that's what Notre Dame looks like - I never would have guessed.  Thank goodness Jez went on holiday and sent back a postcard..")

But I think my betrothed would have other opinions.  She likes them - collects them even, as attested to bundle of old cards which she had my mother bring back from California today.  Maybe they do make for nicer memories - the SMS from Jez will undoubtedly get culled in a couple of months when my phone is full, and if I wasn't blogging this I would probably forget I ever received it.

I guess a balance has to be struck.  I like quantity - it's good to keep in touch with friends - so I'm happy to receive the majority of messages from overseas through modern technology if it helps achieve that aim.