Irksome Clashes

There are few administrative sights as pleasant as a steadily filling-up year planner, at least when the events indicated consist wholly of holidays and social occasions. Brucey telephoned, evidently with a calendar close at hand, ready to detail dates, places, and (usually) mountains. The Alps was mentioned for August, and up for it though I may be, it unfortunately clashes with the total eclipse, which I intend to view from the Scilly Isles. So, it's slightly disappointing that I'll probably be missing out on what would most likely be my only foreign vacation this year, but whereas the Alps will still be there next summer, I can't wait until 2090 for the next social eclipse.

Even more exciting than the Alps, in my opinion, is gonna be the 26th of June - Bruce's Last Munro. I was only lured into participating in this bizarre game last April, so I can't imagine how it must feel to have almost bagged every Munro. At my current rate, I should compleat in my late thirties! But then, Bruce is infinitely more dedicated to the task than I could ever be, and now has the added strategical advantage of residing in Edinburgh.

I'm pleased he's opted to invite all his friends to join him for BLM (which, incidentally, is to be Bidean Nam Bian) - I was worried that it might be the sort of event which could end itself to a solitary, almost spiritual occasion, but realistically considering it, there was never any chance of that being the case. Not with Brucey.

So, the year planner fills up nicely, to the extent that a few irksome clashes exist. It has to be done - I live for the weekends and holidays, and seem to work only as means of funding them. The day job provides me with little or no pleasure, it's just a depressingly necessary waste of time. Maybe I'm just in slightly the wrong position, and need to apply my talents more effectively. Curiousy, the most satisfaction I've felt recently is when I responded to a message on a bulletin board asking for help with an Excel formula. I wish I could make spreadsheets for a living...!