Iraqi Love Song

For reasons which are by and large unknown to me, I had the urge to buy a new modem, so I drove to the nearest PC outlet and spent £100 on a device which promised me a whole new surfing experience. So far it just seems to download the BBC News about 50% faster than my old one did, but it cheered me up in the way buying techie stuff always does.

Apart from that, it's been one of those quiet geeky weekends - a bit of Quake 2 on the web, a few drinks with a mate, listen to a few records. What else is there to life? This evening I suddenly had an urge (yes, two urges in a day!) to eat chocolate, so I went and bought 200g of Cadbury's Dairy Milk. I am now feeling sick in a way I haven't experienced since I was a kid. The mother just walked in and offered me a brandy "to calm your stomach", but I declined. I seem to be drinking far too much at the moment. The last week has seen Jack Daniel's, Guinness, Beer, White Wine, Red Wine, and Cider all pass through my lips, and this constant headache seems to be suggesting that I'm not a student anymore, and should treat my body with more respect.

I'm also far too old to be arguing with my mother about music, though I guess she has more idea about Spiritualized's last LP than most fifty-somethings. Even if she did describe the final track as being "like an Iraqi love song". I'm too old for these conversations, I need a bachelor's pad where I can leer at the dancers on Top Of The Pops in peace!