Internet != World Wide Web

A reader's letter in this week's Computer Weekly (UK trade magazine) includes the following paragraph:

"Soon I will be able to say I have 20 years' experience, but I am still only in my mid-30s. By my mid-40s I will have 30 years' experience. I will have been around since the days of the BBC micro - 10 years before the internet came along."

How ironic then that someone with so much experience in the IT industry apparently doesn't appreciate the difference between the Internet (which dates back to the 1960s) and the World Wide Web!  The Internet is a collection of networks, whereas the Web is a collection of hyperlinked documents and other resources. The Web is accessible via the Internet, as are other services including FTP, e-mail, P2P file sharing, etcetera.

...and that is definitely the last time I will ever explain that, OK?