I Smell Winter

I smell winter, as The Housemartins sang, returning from a brief absence like an old friend. I spotted some frost on the roads this morning, and had to slow down. I didn't want to die from skidding on frost in August, that would look truly pathetic. I don't mind the winter months, at least when it is still quite light. I hate January and February, when there's little daylight, I find it very depressing. But fortunately it's only August, we have some months to go yet.

It's really quiet here at work before 8am. Like a 24-hour motorway service station at 3am. But with PCs. I don't seem to have anything much to do today. All the system testing is pretty much finished, which is nice, Guess I'll just piss around today. Hey, bank holiday weekend. And then suddenly it's September. I like that month, those three deliciously honed syllables that are almost impossible to mispronounce. Sep-tem-ber. Mmmm. February is lovely as well, but it's so easy to find yourself saying feb-yu-ry instead of feb-ru-ary. Anyway, I digress.

So, another long weekend. Which is, as they say, nice. The mother bought a hand-held food blender yesterday and announced that she is going to decorate the spare bedroom - though admittedly these events were not connected. She's quite good at decorating, I should imagine I'll be able to ignore the fact and let her get on with it alone. Oh, apart from moving my wardrobe and some other stuff which I keep in there. I don't have clothes in my own room, it sort of detracts from the general image. My little corner of the world contains just books, CDs, records, cassettes, hi-fi and PC. And a little graveyard of old stuff that I really should dispose of, such as dot matrix printers circa 1991.