I Can See Clearly Now

Well would you believe it? The course turned out to be a Personal and Career Development Workshop - that couldn't have come along at a more appropriate time. S'funny, I went into the room feeling disillusioned and hoping I could win the lottery to escape the rat race, and now I actually feel positive about my career, and how to progress. I won't go into the details, because it'll bore you, but this was probably the best days course I've ever been on. I'm now viewing myself and my work in a totally different light. Wow.

Oh, and it's a four-day course. Personnel neglected to tell me that, the plebs. Unfortunately I can't make the next three, so I'll have to rearrange to go on them some other time. I mean, you would expect to be given more than a few hours notice of the dates, wouldn't you?

We did Myers-Briggs personality type testing today, it was really cool. I came to the conclusion that I'm an INTP, for the record. The top career suggested for that personality was "Computer Professional" - well whaddya know?!