Hotel TVs and Curries

Forget surfing the web, the TV's in Posthouse hotel rooms are the coolest gadgets I've seen in ages.  They're like an advanced form of Teletext, through which you can order room service, book a wake up call, read your messages, view your bill, etc.  When I entered the room the TV read "Welcome, Mr Ian Nelson" - how cool is that?  Took me a while to figure out how to get the BBC, but I was still mightily impressed.  I resolved to book into this place again.

The restaurant was a bit bloody expensive, though, so we took a wander under the M6 to find a decent curry house.  They are so prevalent in Birmingham that I began to assume that any illuminated shop front would be willing to sell us a chicken rogan josh, and headed towards a ladies' hairstylist before I realised my error.  But when we finally arrived somewhere, the walk was well worth it, and tempted by the offer of a free bottle of wine for reservations, we booked a table for next month.