Here We Go Again

Once more into the breach, dear friends.  Six years since my navel-gazing online journal, why start a blog?  For no better reason than I can, and it's so easy now, and I really do need something to fill the void at

I vaguely considered writing my own blogging software in ASP.NET, but then I found .Text and realised that there was no point wasting my days reinventing the wheel - .Text is sufficiently open and customisable for my purposes.  Besides, I have plenty other challenges to occupy my days - a rework of the Filthy Lucre Investment Club site, a site to host our wedding plans (not to mention actually planning the wedding!), Millie's site, etc.

All these sites under my wing makes me wonder whether I should consider actually paying for some decent hosting rather than relying on the total traffic being so pitifully small that my ADSL connection is sufficient to accommodate them all.  I like the look of Brinkster's developer package - primarily as they offer SQL Server 2000 access, 2Gb of web space, 500 POP3 accounts, and unlimited web traffic.  But will I be contending with hundreds of other sites for limited bandwidth?  Does anybody have any experience of using Brinkster or should I just suck it and see?