Hallmark Should Make Cards For Occasions Such As These

Somebody commented today on how strange it was that I kept in touch with my friends despite the fact that we are now scattered across the nation. Well, I don't think it's strange - I think it's great. What's the alternative? Lose contact with all your friends and live a life of eternal solitude? Besides, thanks to the information revolution, it's easier than ever to keep in touch, and cheap travel means it's easy to go visiting the extremes of the Kingdom at weekends.

Today, more than most, has been pleasantly interspersed with emails and phone calls from friends, arranging holidays and general get-togethers. Incredibly, we may even succeed in getting all the Grovey Roaders reunited - I think the last time we were all together was at our graduation in July 1997. That would be cool, if it happens.

Also cool - I understand that Lexy and dappy Kim are now officially 'an item' despite the miles between them. Further evidence of the small world we now live in. I must confess to having made an aaaaahhhh sound when I was informed of the news - Hallmark should make cards for occasions such as these.