Good Caffeine

The week plods onwards, relentlessly, speedily and (somewhat curiously) enjoyably. I like it when my mind and my typing fingers are busy, and when I have a sense of purpose, a feeling that the work I'm doing will, in some small way, affect the lives of ordinary Britons. Plus, it makes you feel like you've earned your weekend, as though you somehow deserve your two days of freedom and relaxation.

My last day of relaxation, Sunday, saw me being vomited upon, but since the proponent was only four months old, and family, I decided to let him off. Besides, his uncle throws up often enough, though usually with the aid of Thomas Caffrey.

Email from Lexy - he's going to mail me some photographs from our recent night out in Manchester. Watch this space, as they say.

Reading: The Names by Don DeLillo

Listening to: Mutations by Beck


Rich just called me from outside a London hotel, somewhat drunk, after a night out with Davey. I had been making some progress with trying to get to sleep, but now all hope of that seems to have faded. Too much (good) caffeine in my bloodstream, perhaps. I've resolved to give up all vending machine coffee in protest at it's poor and inconsistent quality - this seems to have the side-effect that I crave a mug or two of the brown stuff in the evenings, which is wreaking havoc with my sleep patterns, almost threatening to revert me to student-like hours of living. The chicken makhani currently working it's why through my alimentary canal is also not helping my restless state.

But anyway, despite us both being under the effects of drugs (albeit legal ones), the conversation with Rich was vaguely productive in that we've decided to go and "do" Snowdon at Easter weekend, along with every other Tom, Dick, and Rhys within a 200 mile radius. Should be fun.

Do you ever feel nervous and worried when woken abruptly from bad sleep? Suddenly finding yourself with a feeling that there's something you should have done, or have to do, which has totally slipped your memory, and which only reveals itself when you're half asleep? Sleep, or perhaps night time in general, seems to heighten my anxieties..