Funny Junk Mail

Now that email has long been my standard way of communicating, snail mail feels like it should have some extra gravitas. If people take the time to create a physical object and spend money delivering it to me, it should be relatively important. Or so the (evidently flawed) theory goes. So what's in my (snail) mailbox this week?

First up, a letter from personnel telling me what preparation to do for the course I attended a fortnight ago. Well, that was useful, wasn't it? What a fucking joke. As I said, personnel are incredibly inefficient.

Next we have a company who want to mail me CDs, tapes, and magazines letting me know all about new software developments. Hmm, how dull. As if I don't pick up on these things via the net, without splashing out on what the blurb calls "audio briefing tapes so that you hear the latest developments while travelling to work." I can't think of anything more depressing!

Then there's the obligatory company claiming to get me lower motor insurance: "Why pay more, Mr Nelson?" "Just think what you could do with the extra cash Mr Nelson. CDs? New clothes? A weekend break?" Marketing has just gone silly.

Hewlett-Packard suggesting I buy the biggest laser printer I've ever seen - why?! My nice laserjet is more than adequate for my needs. Leave me alone! At least with email I can easily filter out all the crap...