A good week for internal email. Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me sane. I know people see my typing long missives about Manic Street Preachers lyrics and complain that I should be working, but I figure it makes me happier and more productive. Honestly. Anyway, here's a snippet from a conversation between some friends which made me laugh out loud. It doesn't seem so funny, in retrospect, but y'know how it is, you're sat coding some JCL or whatever, and it's so dull that the slightest thing makes you piss yourself...

DO: "I saw a fox spread over 3 lanes of the M62 last night."

SSB: "How fast was it going?"

DO: "Not very fast, it's head was in the inside lane and the rest of it was on the outside lane."

SSB: "Sorry, I thought you said a fox sped over the M62 - not spread over the M62."

Look, it made me laugh, anyway...