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I should have learned by now to abide by the maxim "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But I just can't resist fiddling. So it is that, after wiping my hard disk (for reasons which are unlikely to become clear in the near future), I'm sitting here patiently waiting for IE5 beta to be downloaded from Chicago for the second time this month.

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I wanted to spend the day catching up with some favourite web pages, as well as updating this site, but I've pretty much wasted my Sunday now. I managed to spot a few interesting things on the web though - not least of which is the upsetting news that Tisiphone's Greek Drama has come to a close. The final entry went up on November 20th. Sad, but perhaps not all that surprising. I love coding this journal - it's a fun outlet, and good HTML practice, but it does provoke a strange reaction in some people. Can I really be bothered having to deal with all that? OK, so I'm not exactly headed for stardom just yet, and I don't think my meagre hitcount will produce any weirdo stalkers just yet. But hey, I've just made it onto Altavista's big list of people whose surname begins with 'Ne', so I guess there's no stopping me now... ;)

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Hmmm, last day of November tomorrow, then, and I still don't have an advent calendar. More to the point, it's only 26 days to Christmas, and I don't have any Christmas presents. There are two additional young tykes to buy for this year, too - it's been a good year for the family. Oh, speaking of December, I've been working on a new look for the new month. I'd grown kind of tired of this current look and feel, so I've gone for something a little simpler. Let me know what you think!

Just over a month ago I was talking about the appointment of Geri Halliwell as "Goodwill Ambassador" to the UN. That seems positively mundane in comparison to today's revelation that Tomb Raider star Lara Croft is to become an Ambassador for British Scientific Excellence. Apparently her image is to be used to "raise awareness of inventions such as Thrust, the first supersonic car, the Psion organiser, and Viagra impotency pills." What can I possibly add?

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