I've gradually been moving all our photos over to Flickr, and will shortly stop hosting the pictures at  This is a bit of a turning point for me - I've had photos on my personal site since 1998, and it's been one of the ways in which I've learned a variety of web technologies - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, Access, SQL Server, ASP.NET, and C#.  Only relatively recently did I abandon my home-grown efforts and move over to nGallery and finally Community Server.

Why the move?  Partly it's convenience, but mostly it's due to features and bandwidth.  Flickr have more and cooler features than I could ever find time to code, so why bother?  I may as well spend my time earning money solving new problems (and displaying JPEGs isn't high on the list of requirements for enterprise application software - at least not in the manufacturing industry).  Plus the bandwidth issues make hosting 3000+ photos on the end of my ADSL line somewhat impractical these days - better to leave it to Flickr to take the strain.

So, time to update your bookmarks to and/or your RSS feeds to .