Firefox Keeps Getting Better

Ah, Firefox. How much do I love thee?  Just when I thought the product's feature range must surely have plateaued, I lackadaisically downloaded the latest version and once again got uncharacteristically excited at what I saw - just like my first time...

New stuff I love lots: 

  • The Live Bookmarks, easily added via the RSS link in the status bar.
  • The shading on the URL box when viewing an HTTPS URL (much more obvious than the status bar padlock alone).
  • The option bar that appears atop the page when popups have been blocked (again, more obvious than an icon in the status bar, yet not so intrusive that it can't be ignored as required).
  • The Find toolbar across the bottom of the screen.

I swear, I knew nothing of these features until I accidentally stumbled across them, but they all brought a smile to my face. Firefox now feels like a very mature, capable product that simply wipes the floor with tired old IE in terms of usability and standards compliance.