Ey Oop, I'm Feelin' Rate Manky

Spotted this neat story on the BBC:

"GPs confused by 'manky' patients

A group of foreign doctors left baffled by South Yorkshire slang are being taught the local dialect so they know when their patients feel "champion".

The seven Austrians are fluent English speakers but were left confused by patients feeling "jiggered" or "manky".

But now doctor-patient relations in Barnsley and Doncaster have improved after the local NHS trust compiled a special Yorkshire language guide."

That's ace.  We Tykes sure do have some odd phrases I suppose, but when you've grown up hearing them you never think to question whether they're standard English.  It's only since I met Jocelyn that I discovered that "nesh" isn't actually in the dictionary.

Jez (who really does need a blog of his own, I think!) has also been scouring the Beeb for funnies today.  He emailed to let me know about this science story:

"You could almost call it Equation Idol - readers of Physics World have voted for their favourite equations of all time. But what do they mean?

Deputy editor of Physics World, Dr Matin Durrani, offers an idiot's guide to the top five equations of all time."

I must confess that I was somewhat pleased to read that Euler's equation came joint first...