Eurovision 2007

As the excitement mounts, we've just voted:

  • I voted for Hungary
  • Jocelyn voted for Georgia

and we placed some bets with Ladbrokes:

  • for the Ukraine to come in the top 5 (decimal odds 1.45)
  • for the UK to come 21st-24th (decimal odds 2.00)
  • for the UK to get nul points (decimal odds 6.00)

Let the scoring commence!

[23:21] - well, I made a nice profit on two of my bets, and if it wasn't for our chums in Ireland and Malta voting for the UK, the third one would have come in too! Is it just me, or is the block voting from the Balkans and the Baltics really beginning to make a mockery of the whole thing?  It must say something when the two countries with the biggest music industries come bottom of the pack, and the four countries who bankroll the EBU fall within the bottom six.  *sigh*