Emotional Cripple

Only a mild hangover, which was nice. To quote Rich, we seemed to drink just the right amount of alcohol so that today could be spent relaxing, not recovering. Besides, I had things to do, shirts to iron - not an easy task for an INTP geek such as myself. I needed help. Altavista wasn't much cop, pointing me only to this satirical guide. Thanks, fellers, but I'm serious here. Jeeves came to my rescue once again, pointing me to this excellent how-to site. I love the internet.

Felt unwell again this evening - Wednesday's abdominal pain returned, sending me surfing to the medical self-help pages of the web. Within 10 minutes I had diagnosed myself as having everything from indigestion to cancer, via appendicitis and irritable bowel syndrome. I guess perhaps I should register with a GP instead. The last time I visited a doctor was in 1986 when, aged 10, I had an earache.

The current issue of FHM has an amusing "Are you an emotional cripple?" self-test. One of the questions is "Do you resist visiting your GP for anything less than amputation, scared he might find something?". I had to tick that one. In fact, out of ten categories, I scored positively on eight of them. This is probably not a good thing...