Election Night Blogging 2004

0650 - Unless something pretty amazing happens in Ohio, it looks like being another Bush victory.  I'm gobsmacked.  Why any sane person who wasn't under duress would vote for that man to lead their nation is totally beyond me.  It makes me glad to live in a monarchy.  Also, it beggar's belief that the TV networks can "call" Florida for Bush whilst people are still queuing up to vote.  Why does it take so long?  "Problems with the machines" cracks me up - a pencil and a bit of paper seems to work perfectly well over here..

0425 - It looks like Florida will go to Bush.  OK, I can't take this any more, I'm off to bed for an hour or so.

0405 - Now the BBC are talking about the possibility of a 269-269 tie.  Please God, no..

0400 - Democrats have held Pennsylvania and California. 

0357 - I just phoned Jocelyn in California for half an hour - if I'm going to be up at this time waiting for something to happen I figured I may as well get some benefit out of the time difference!  She and her mom are busy making our wedding invitations...

0304 - BBC reckon Kerry is leading in Pennsylvania, Bush leading in Ohio and Florida... so, no change there then. 

0239 - It's over an hour now since Bob Worcester of Mori, speaking on ITV, predicted a Kerry victory, and he's just repeated that prediction. 

0212 - "Too close to call", "too close to call"....  don't these people know I have to get up for work in three and half hours?

0209 - PJ O'Rourke is looking old.  But then I guess I haven't seen him on TV for four years..

0206 - The Beeb are being predictably safe this year, but ITV have practically called the election for Kerry already!  They are placing a lot of faith in this poll from Zogby International predicting a 311-213 EV split in Kerry's favour, including Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

0204 - The thing that has amazed me so far is the sight of the huge queues to vote.  I'm surprised that Americans are expected to wait for so long to cast their ballot (why not have more polling stations!?), but I'm impressed that they are willing to do so.