dull dull dull

Some days it's really difficult to think of things to say. Work is just so unbelievably dull. Something has to crack soon, and I have a feeling it's going to be me. It's OK feeling happy about opportunities, and the long term, but that doesn't fix this intense boredom in the short term. The here and now is not fun. I don't develop or create anything, I'm just testing stuff and solving frustrating problems. And the mainframe systems are less than intuitive. I think I'm going crazy. I want out.

A colleague took me for a pizza hut, and asked me what I thought of my position, my job, my career, etc. I didn't say much, but he told me straight that he thought my situation to be utterly shite. All the driving, the dull work, etc. And he's right. I want out.

But which way do I jump, if indeed I opt to jump? Maybe I could just kick and scream and hope I get moved to some more reasonable work at a different client, rather than sacked for causing waves. But being malleable and accommodating to the company is what got me in this mess in the first place. I should stick up for myself more. I want out.

What to do, what to do... Any ideas, citizens of earth? Suggestions for cool careers or funky employers? Alternative downshifted lifestyle or self-employed software tycoon? I've got a fistful of A-Levels and a degree from Nottingham, there's got to be something interesting I can do for this planet. Stick your anonymous ideas in the box below and click the magic button, or be more orthodox and do the email thang. Best / funniest / most original ideas will undoubtedly get a mention on these pages...