Double Initials

It reflects badly on my current lifestyle that the only thing I have to write about is, once again, the email that I've received. But with gems like this in my inbox, it would be churlish not to mention them:

From: Martin Smith
Sent: Tue 22/09/98 21:16
Isn't it amazing what crap you will think of when you are sat in a foreign country, bored.
This is what has been going through my mind over the last few minutes.....
Musicians with "Double Initials" :
AA - Adam Ant
BB - Billy Brag
CC - Erm?
DD - Erm?
EE - Erm?
FF - Frankie Fraser? No, he is a nasty criminal.
GG - Gary Glitter (perhaps should be struck off the list?)
HH - Erm?
II - Erm?
JJ - Janet Jackson
KK - Erm?
LL - Erm?
MM - Erm?
NN - Erm?
OO - Erm?
PP - Erm?
QQ - Erm?
RR - Erm?
SS - Erm?
TT - Erm?
UU - Erm?
VV - Erm?
WW - Erm?
XX - Erm?
YY - Erm?
ZZ - Erm?
Erm? !!! Over to the Music-Miester.....

So far I, and a few others, have also come up with Chubby Checker, Doris Day, Herbie Hancock, Kitty Kallen, Lindy Layton, Leapy Lea, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, Patti Page, Robbie Robertson, Samantha Sang, Sandie Shaw, Tinita Tikaram, Tina Turner, Woody Woodpecker (!) and Wendell Williams.

Any others you can think of? You know what to do...: