Doing Nothing

08:48 Sitting in a cold Volvo a few miles from Bridge of Orchy. It's almost too cold to write, or maybe I've just forgotten how. Rich and Bruce have headed off to bag another couple of munros. I reiterated what I told them last night: "I can't be arsed to do any more, I'll meet you back here."

I think they were a little surprised, and perhaps I surprised myself, but I've had enough exercise this week to last a lifetime. Besides, they'll get back quicker without me hampering their walking. All this does, however, leave me with a slight problem of what to do today. Write up this journal, read some geeky computer mags, then what? I'd kill for a newspaper, but I fear that the nearest newsagent is over in Killin. Maybe I'll go for a wee drive in a while; comprehensive motor insurance can be a Godsend at times.

08:56 Hmm, time passes awful slowly when you're alone in the middle of nowhere.

I guess you're wondering why I agree to come up to Scotland so often when my munro-bagging spirit is so weak, and I complain endlessly about the lack of internet, cash machines, phone signals, radio signals, newspapers, etc? Well, I think it's a kind of self-imposed brief exile from the way of life I'm used to. By the time I'm bored of appreciating the natural beauty of Scotland, I'm looking forward to appreciating all of the things at home in Yorkshire that I sometimes take for granted. Also, I think being up here is good for my health - obviously the walking exercise, but also just the fact that I'm away from VDUs, motorways, air conditioning, etc. Scotland is refreshing, cleansing, and invigorating. I don't always need to be up a munro to appreciate that. I think next time we're up here, at the end of this month, I'll bring Morky, so that I can take some time out to explore the area in my own way.

09:12 I'd like to bring a laptop, too, but I don't have one. Damn.

09:45 Think I'll email Orange to complain about the distinct lack of any phone signal up here. I feel disturbingly distanced from my real life.

09:58 I found Radio One! Woohoo, salvation!