Dick Dastardly

Today I achieved what Dick Dastardly never did, and caught a pigeon.  Or to be more precise, I ran straight into one with Morky, my Fiesta.  I'm feeling pretty bad about this - I could easily have swerved onto the other side of the road to avoid it (it was 6:45am), but I just expected it to move like every other bird I've ever been on a collision course with has done.  Thud.  Maybe this was a stupid pigeon?  What a start to the week.  Oh well.

The day got better though - a colleague showed me how to use a fax machine!  Yes, I'm ashamed to say that prior to today I only sent faxes via MS Outlook.  I can program a computer and a VCR, but photocopiers and faxes still freak me out.  This was undoubtedly my greatest accomplishment of the day - maybe I'll mention it at my appraisal next month.

This evening I did lots of paper-based plans for this website - testing out possible screen layouts on my colleagues, and getting some inspiration from web design books.  I know it's looking pretty barren at the moment, but I do have some ideas to recify this, it's just a matter of finding the time.  My weekends, fortunately, are filling up nicely, and I spend my weekdays earning a living.