I realise that I'm arriving late at yet another party, but I've decided to start actively using to keep track of my bookmarks and log the other odds n sods that I stumble across on the web each day. So next time I read a funny news story about a weird crime or find a good .NET article, you'll be more likely to find it linked at (RSS feed) than mentioned on this blog. In this way I hope to be able to give lip service to a larger proportion of the cool and useful stuff I find, whilst saving this blog for the good stuff, some actual content, or news about my own life - some of which is coming tomorrow (ooh, suspenseful...!)

Oh, yeah, and thanks once again to Jez for bringing all this stuff to my attention, in an email over two months ago:

Can't get over how useful [] is. Yes, I can keep all my bookmarks in one place on the web, but RSS feeds of (anyone's) new bookmarks, links to other people with similar bookmarks, and such a handy submission, search & keyword system make this a very useful site indeed. Can't believe I took so long to get around to using it.