I awoke to find myself thinking of deely-boppers. Why? More to the point, why did they ever exist? Somebody must've made a killing out of people who actually paid money to walk around in public with a pair of star-topped springs protruding from their head. The more you analyse it, the stranger the '80s were. As we move further from them, they're almost taking on the comical imagery of the '70s.

I searched the www for "deely-boppers" in the hope of a photograph to spark my memories further, but no luck. Perhaps everybody is trying their utmost to forget.

Searching the web did, however, reveal something of interest: Munros for Windows. Bugger Bagger then, this seems to do pretty much all I need, for now. Oh well, it was good practice at Access and VB, and I'm sure I'll be able to put those skills to use somewhere else soon.