Decision Time

I know, I should be typing up details of my exploits in the Highlands over the past week, but for now there's something more pressing on my mind. It seems that I didn't perform as badly at the job interview on 15 September as I thought - I've been recommended for the post.

I don't know whether to accept or decline. There's no gut feeling, just a big jumble of mixed up "what if?" type thoughts. Maybe that means I should decline, if I'm not thrilled about the prospects? Ah, but then I don't exactly love what I do at the moment, do I? You should know, dear reader, I've bitched about my boredom enough in past journal entries.

Now "If..."
Yorkshire Hampshire
current salary 10% lower salary
dull dull dull more interesting?
private sector public sector
bonuses civil service pension
flexitime nine to five
Consultant Scientist
Better the Devil you know A change would do you good
Anachronisms, old technologies Cutting edge, front line
Aspiration Matching Algorithm: 47% Aspiration Matching Algorithm: 53%

Ah, maybe I'll use work tomorrow as some sort of litmus test. But for now, I'm wary of grabbing this opportunity and running with it, so perhaps it isn't the right thing for me.

PS - bored with IE and Netscape? You might like to try Neoplanet. Just like IE4 "in disguise". I'm still undecided...