Daylight Savings Time ends...

I thought it would be easy this year.  Windows automatically changes back to GMT so my computers are sorted, and the VCR always seems to know what time it is (how does it do that?), as does the Freeview box.  So, what else could need manual intervention?  Well, so far I have had to reset:

  • Three clocks in the kitchen (microwave, oven, radio alarm-clock for listening to Radio 4 whilst washing the pots)
  • Three clocks on the computer room wall (for ease of figuring out the time in San Jose, London and Melbourne - OK, so this is perhaps a self-inflicted chore)
  • Two clocks in the lounge (just normal clocks)
  • One time-activated light switch
  • Clock on the boiler (don't want heat at 0445, thank you..)
  • Two clocks on my mobile phones (I know I never look at it, but I need to know when SMS messages arrived..  does this tell me that or is the time on an SMS message the local time at which it was sent?)
  • Clock on my car dashboard
  • The watch on my wrist

I expect I've still forgotten something.... gah, the router...  oh, sod it...