Churlish and Hypocritical

Things are getting busy, tense even, as we edge close to an immovable project deadline. But more problems seem to be appearing than are being successfully ironed out. Technical difficulties such as a bizarre lack of disk space are not serving to help matters.

And all this is making me feel... how? Frustrated, perhaps, at the bugs and issues I'm grappling with? Maybe, but then isn't this what I wanted? To be working on a "real" project, with tight deadlines, and crucial code? To be forced to stay at the office late once in a while to get things finished? Yeah, it is. So, perhaps I'm a masochist, but I enjoy working, and seeing a job through. I dislike sitting around feeling that my skills are being wasted. So to sit here now and complain about stress and the negative impact that work is having on my social life would be churlish and hypocritical.

Also, all this makes tomorrow's trip to Scotland all the more sweet. Much better for vacations to suddenly spring up on you, rather than find yourself counting down the days until they arrive. Besides, it makes the relaxation all the more tangible when you've been busy beforehand.