Catching Up

It's been a hectic few weeks (when is life not hectic these days?), so I haven't had much time for random blogging.  Time to catch up:

First and foremost, I got a phone call from Cathy last night to let me know that my friend Damian (the same Damian mentioned in the "Duo Gruffly" post below) has been in a serious rail accident, and is currently in hospital in Milton Keynes.  I don't have too many more details - Cathy did say more but to be honest I was a bit too stunned to take it all in.  My thoughts and prayers are very much with Damian and family this Christmas time.

Jocelyn made it safely back to the UK after 80 days away visiting family in California.  I'm very thankful to have her back with me - the flat seems much more homely and less like a bachelor pad due to her influence.  She's only been home two days and already we have a Christmas tree up, lights around the house, new curtains in the server room, some new pictures on the walls, and a fridge full of sensible food!  With just 4.5 months to go until the wedding, we still have much to do and I have a recurring dream where I wake up on the day of the wedding to realise that I haven't yet ordered a suit.  More importantly, I still haven't decided upon a venue for the stag do!  Must pull my finger out in the new year.

What else has been happening?  Oh, it looks likely that I'm going to become a registered company director, but only as nobody else seems keen on taking on the role of running the management company for the apartment block in which we live.  At first I thought it would be an unpleasant chore, but having investigated what's involved, it's really only some occasional paperwork and phone calls and bank account reconciliation, and I'm good at all that stuff, so why not use my skills to help out?  An altruistic attitude to life is going to be one of my New Year resolutions..!  Plus, as Joce pointed out, it could look good on the old CV! ;-)