Car Contents

Objects I keep in my car:

  • A high-quality multi-scale road atlas
  • A back-up atlas (yeah, I'm a geeky driver, too)
  • A-Z's of all the cities I tend to drive in.
  • A sleeping bag (well, you never know...)
  • A jacket
  • Dozens of cassettes, eclectic music for every mood or passenger
  • A spare pair of glasses
  • A can of Diet Coke
  • A Sony Walkman

I know the last item looks a little out of place, but of late I'm appreciating how nice it is to be able to listen to Uncle Peel et al no matter where in Blighty I may wander. I get bored of TV, I'd much rather sit and read, write and listen to the radio. So much more productive. See, I even multitask in rl!

It's been a slow, but reasonable day. I got a new catercard, so I can eat and drink once more, which is obviously a bit of a bonus.

I had one of those dreams about travelling last night, where it's a mad rush to get the right train, or find the right road, or generally get to whereever you're going. And of course, when I got there, I'd forgotten something important. It's no wonder I have a headache when I wake up.

22:30 For the first time in months I feel fairly good. Happy and confident, I like who I see in the mirror once more and am able to wander down the street wearing brightly coloured shirts without feeling negatively self-conscious. My family are healthy, my life reasonably stable. For now, the demons that diss me and sow the seeds of insecurity in my mind are elsewhere. For now, I feel ten feet tall, calm, and confident in my abilities once again.

And now, I'm going to drop off to sleep listening to the Olivia Tremor Control, counting my blessings and giving thanks for my good fortune.

P.S. - Yeah, I know that I've been a bit slack updating the journal recently, and appreciate that it's annoying when you keep returning, only to see week-old entries that you've already read. So I got with the times and set up a notify list. See that pinkish button over to the left? Yeah, that's the one. Well, click that and enter your details. Don't worry about getting deluged with spam, I'll be lucky to send more than one mail a week!