Call Waiting Situation

Three years ago, back in Nottingham, the careers advisor suggested I consider logistics. Today I seem to have difficulty organising the logistics of my own (not particularly complex) social life. A looming trip to Scotland, and suddenly matters of who is actually going, who is driving, where people are being picked up from, all come to the fore. It should be simple, it should be easy, to plan these things in advance, but ultimately even weekend breaks in our tiny kingdom take some organising. Technology can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help: this evening I had my first genuine "call-waiting" situation on my mobile, and I utterly screwed it up, succeeding only in disconnecting both callers! Doh. Brucey, too, has been having communicative difficulties - his plethora of emails have yet to reach our inboxes...

But anyway, all this merely serves to remind me that I'm alive. The organising of a social event, the build up to it, the travelling, becomes just as much fun (if you let it) as the holidaying and the partying itself. It makes the intermediate time, the working, bearable and purposeful.

Listening to: Aztec Camera - Love

Reading: Cameron McNeish - The Munros