Byzantine BT

I've just spent 90 minutes on the phone to various departments at BT trying to get my business broadband and telephone line transferred over into my own name, and changed to a residential line.  Wow, what a palaver!  I must have spoken to half of the BT employees in Western Europe. The business teams kept transferring me over to the residential teams, and vice versa, in a game of telephony ping-pong.

Eventually I got through to a guy who transferred me to Teri, who transferred me to her delightful colleague Tracy, who told me that her manager heard a rumour of an elusive department whose sole purpose is helping people transfer from business to residential.  She is going to email him my details.

Why am I not filled with confidence by the Byzantine processes in place at BT?!  Could it be something to do with the fact that they kept asking me for a mobile contact number “just in case”?!