Bring on Visual Studio 2008, I'm ready for you!

Woohoo, it happened!  That glorious tipping point where some technology that I previously revered as complex, mystical, and probably not a whole lot of use in the real world suddenly flipped over to seeming like the normal, natural, and downright obvious way to achieve a given problem.

There I was, writing some common or garden code to grab a collection of objects, filter them a couple of times, and loop round performing some simple actions upon the desired subset, when I found myself saying "Wow, this would be so much simpler with LINQ!". Oh, and my object model would be cleaned up a tad by some of those nice Extenstion Methods while I'm at it.

OK Microsoft, feel free to go RTM with VS2008, C#3.0 and .NET 3.5 whenever you like - I'm ready for you now...