Bridal Shower A Hit!

As planned, my bridal shower was given on Saturday, 23 October. It was great fun and I hope to post some of the pictures online here as soon as I figure out how! A tea party was the theme and along with tea, we had blueberry scones, eclairs, chocolate covered strawberries... and much more. We also played some great games. My favorite (and particularly hilarious) was Sweet Marital Advice where guests got to look at a table filled with sweets for two minutes and then had to give me marital advice using as many of the sweet names as they could remember. The winner managed to use 15 of the 26 sweets on the table! Another game with great results was Toilet Paper Bride. Guests divided into groups of three and selected one person to be the model. They then had 15 minutes to dress the model in a wedding dress made solely of toilet paper and whatever they had in their handbags. The winning wedding dress looked amazing and even had toilet paper gloves and a toilet paper bouquet!

I managed to avoid all embarrassing gifts but did receive some very beautiful things. Among others, Ian's mom gave me a gorgeous blue flowered vase, my mom gave me a set of knives, and my best friend gave me toasting flutes and a cake serving set- both for our wedding. I haven't figured out how I will get it all back to the UK, but fear not.

Update : Photos from the bridal shower are now online at

-- Jocelyn