Brain Tumours and Senility

Brain tumours and senility are headed my way.  Or at least, they are if you listen to the scare-mongering Daily Mail, for today I've received a whopping three calls on my mobile.  Apparently I'm risking my life every time I use the thing.  So there's something else to start worrying about.  Anyway, I haven't started walking into walls or forgetting my own name - at least not any more than usual - so I'll continue to answer it on those rare occasions when it actually rings.

Spent far too much time today doing trivial administrative crap, like filling out my expenses, booking a hotel, doing my timesheet, etc.  In between all that I found time to do some actual work - after three days, and considerable help from others, I've finished testing a suite of programs which print a report of transactions for a given date and branch.  It all sounded so simple to begin with, as is often the case...

I briefly considered buying a Psion or handheld PC for these depressing periods when I'm away from my PC.  I'm currently writing this using paper and pencil, which feels very strange.  But a quick look at the prices of those gadgets suggested that I'd better get reacquainted with the humble pencil, as it's destined to be my default writing implement for the immediate future.

Have spoken to a training company regarding my interest in some Microsoft courses.  I think I'm gonna go for my MCSD - nothing to lose, really.  I know it's a little schizophrenic, but I have a love-hate relationship with MS - can't live with them, can't live without them.